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Yes, THIM’s BSc program has been fully accredited by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO).

THIM strictly adheres to the rules, set by the Dutch government. If required, we have the facilities to teach classes online, but we very much prefer to see everyone face-to-face and teach in-school.

Students graduating from THIM are awarded a Bachelor of Science degree, which is an internationally recognized and respected qualification.

Yes, for students with a disability, such as dyslexia or ADHD, we can provide support, for example by providing more time for examination or by offering spoken exams. You can ask us about the possibilities during an intake interview.

Your THIM BSc diploma is an internationally recognized degree. In most countries physiotherapy is a regulated profession, though. This means you need to meet certain requirements to be allowed to practice, for example language requirements. These requirements are set per country. More information about this can generally be found on the website of national Boards of Physiotherapy.

If you are enrolled at THIM, you can apply for student finance if you’re a Dutch national or have the same rights. This means non-Dutch can also apply for student finance. Do you fail to meet the nationality criteria for student finance? Then you may still qualify for a tuition fee loan. Read more about funding options via DUO here.

THIM itself does not provide grants or scholarships, but you might be able to apply for a scholarship or a funding program provided by your own government.

The international program starts in the first week of September.

No, THIM does not have a student association. We do have an activities committee, that organizes extracurricular activities like the winter sports trip, a gala and a soccer tournament.

Yes, our lounge, called Schenk, offers a wide range of affordable options for breakfast and lunch. You can also go to ‘t Plein in THIM’s study and practice centre ALP for coffee, snacks, etc.

If you’d like to enroll at THIM, but you do not meet the diploma requirements, you can take the 21+ entrance test. This test, for students aged 21 years or over, is conducted by an external agency. They test your skills and give advice on the feasibility of studying at THIM. More information about the 21+ test can be found here.

School holidays are scheduled in spring, May and autumn (one week each), around Christmas (two weeks) and in summer (six weeks). There are also various official and traditional holidays, such as New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday and Monday, King’s Day, Ascension Day, and Whit Sunday and Monday. Before the start of the year, students get an overview of when the classes, exams and holidays are scheduled.