An international school


William Maddux, an associate professor of organizational behavior at INSEAD and expert in internationalisation of education, writes in Time Magazine:

“People who have international experience are better problem solvers and display more creativity. [They] are more likely to create new businesses and products and to be promoted.”

This is precisely what we want for our students. THIM has an international outlook, with:
– an international class
– internship opportunities abroad
– a location in Switzerland and 
– a cooperation with various German schools in a shared Bachelor’s program.

THIM’s alumni are known for their clinical aptitude and entrepreneurial spirit and can be found all over the world.

International class
Each year, THIM starts with one international class. Students in this class come from many different backgrounds and countries, which creates a special atmosphere. Classes, exams and study materials are in English. Not only students from abroad, but also Dutch students can apply for the international class.

You can read all about our English program on our website, but it's always good to see for yourself. You're more than welcome to come and visit us. You can also schedule a personal (e-)intake interview.

Internship abroad
THIM’s internship network stretches across borders. In previous years, for example, THIM students went to China, Australia, South Africa and the Dutch Antilles. During an internship abroad you not only learn about physiotherapy, but you also build your self-reliance and social and cultural skills. After graduation, employers consider experience abroad to be an assett.

THIM’s sister school in Switzerland
In Switzerland, THIM is located in Landquart, near the city of Chur. Our Swiss branch caters to about 250 students. Since 1990, students have been training here to obtain the Dutch Bachelor’s diploma in physiotherapy. The graduates form a strong network in Switzerland and Austria.

THIM’s physiotherapy program in Germany
In Germany, we have a long-term cooperation with various German institutes, to take their students from the German vocational to the Dutch bachelor’s level. Hundreds of students from all over the country have graduated from the program. They are viewed as the example for the professionalisation of the profession of physiotherapist in Germany.

ECHE and Erasmus +
THIM University holds the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE), which enables participation in the Erasmus+ programme. The Erasmus+ programme gives people the opportunity to study, train, undertake work experience and volunteer abroad with the aim of boosting international skills and employability.

Incoming students
We welcome students from partner universities in Europe to study at THIM University. We think this is a great way to enhance your university experience and broaden your international outlook. You can join us in semester 4 for a full semester or a shorter exchange period. This is only possible if you are a fulltime student. We are currently expanding our international partnerships. For now, you can join THIM if you study at DEUSTO University in Spain. If you are interested to participate in a semester in the Netherlands, please contact us.

Outgoing students
At THIM University, we believe in the benefits of international experience for our students. By facilitating student exchange we aim to increase your international competences and skills, in order to optimise not only your international career opportunities as a physiotherapist, but also your personal growth. For now, exchange to our Spanish partner (DEUSTO University) is possible in the third year. If you are interested to study a semester in Spain, please get in touch.

Staff mobility
There is also a possibility for staff mobility between THIM and DEUSTO University. If you are staff working either at THIM or DEUSTO University and are interested in an exchange, please contact us.

Also check out our Erasmus Charter and Erasmus Policy Statement.