Visa application, housing, living in Utrecht, etc.

Practical matters

Visa application
To study in the Netherlands, you might need a visa and/or residence permit. EU nationals do not need a visa to come to the Netherlands. If you’re a student from outside the EU, you cannot apply personally for a visa and/or residence permit. THIM is authorised to apply for these documents on your behalf. When you have been admitted to THIM’s Bachelor’s program, we can start the application process. To that end, you need to submit a number of documents and forms, such as a copy of your passport and evidence that you have sufficient funds to cover your living expenses. Once you’ve been admitted, we’ll contact you to start the visa application procedure. Since the application might take some time, starting the process early is recommended.

Living in Utrecht
THIM University is located in Nieuwegein, a city very close to Utrecht and within easy reach of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the Hague. At the heart of the Netherlands, Utrecht is a bustling university town with 70,000 students, trendy bars, restaurants and shops, various festivals and loads of atmosphere. A cosmopolitan city with a medieval city centre small enough to explore on foot. Most locals get around by bike though. You can cycle from Utrecht to THIM in under 30 minutes. You can also take the bus since public transport is excellent in the Netherlands.

THIM Campus
We want our students to feel at home on campus. That’s why we have modern buildings, with bright and spacious classrooms. Because THIM specialises in physiotherapy our facilities are specifically designed for this purpose. Our study and practice centre sports a fully equipped gym, a library and all the necessary equipment to study the theory and practice your clinical skills. During your breaks you can relax indoors or outdoors.

THIM Housing
There is a shortage of student housing in Utrecht. That’s why THIM has its own student residences. Depending on availability, we offer students the option to live in one of our student residences. The THIM residences are located in Utrecht and have a communal living room, kitchen, bathroom and outdoor space. Sizes run from 6 to 20 m2. Rental fees vary between €250 and €500, depending on size. Utilities, TV and Wi-Fi are included in the rent. Here, you live together with fellow physiotherapy students from different years. Not only is this fun, it’s also practical with a view to your studies.

You need to make sure that you are properly insured during your stay. By law, you must have healthcare insurance. The type of healthcare insurance you need depends on your personal situation. As a THIM student, you’re also required to have a liability insurance policy.

The bicycle is the cheapest and easiest way to get around. There are cycling lanes on almost every road and other road users are used to cyclists. If you need to go a little further, public transport will take you almost anywhere you want to go. The Netherlands have a dense railway network that offers frequent service and the train is the quickest way to travel between city centres.

Learning Dutch
Although you can speak English with practically anyone in the Netherlands, learning Dutch helps you to get to know the country and its culture and society. Understanding and speaking the local language makes everyday activities a little easier. In addition, when you’d like to do your senior internships in the Netherlands, knowing Dutch is a must. If you want to register in the Dutch BIG register for healthcare professionals after your graduation, you must prove you’re proficient in Dutch. To this end, you can participate in Dutch language classes through THIM’s partner Babel.

Source: Study in Holland