Academic year 2023/2024

Tuition fees

Tuition fees 2023

For students, starting in academic year 2023, the tuition fees are:

Per year
€ 9,400

Per month
€ 807

Additional costs
Study materials are included in the tuition fee
21+ test € 370
Visa application € 850
Dutch language course +/- € 2.500 (A to B2 level incl certificate)
THIM housing not included in tuition fee

You can pay per year or in monthly installments. If you pay in installments, an interest rate of 3% will be charged. Click here for the terms and conditions for registration, deregistration, payment, etc. If you’re a Dutch citizen, or if you have the same rights, you’re entitled to study financing or the lifelong learning credit (levenlanglerenkrediet) through DUO. Excluding any visa fees.

Funding options
Several funding options are available to foreign students in the Netherlands:
• Some governments offer financial support to residents who want to study abroad, either directly through a grant or a loan, or indirectly via tax benefits. Check with your own government which funding opportunities are provided.
• A range of scholarships is available to EU and non-EU students. Find out which scholarship you qualify for.
• You might be eligible for the student finance programme provided by the Dutch government via “Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs”, commonly known as DUO.

Do you have any questions about the tuition fees?
Please call +31 30 288 66 70 or fill out the contact form.